PDDPParticipatory District Development Programme (Nepal)
PDDPPrincipal Direction Divisive Partitioning (engineering)
PDDPPolish Debian Documentation Project
PDDPProduct Distribution and Directory Publishing (Sprint)
PDDPPreliminary Declaration of Design and Performance (system engineering)
PDDPPartitioned Directed Difference Packing
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Moreover, a detecting algorithm based on PDDP is proposed within this framework.
Contrary to the government's claim that the dredging of the Pampanga River will abate floods, the "piecemeal" solution has worsened flooding in the area since it does not take into consideration clogging in inter-connecting waterways, said residents and their supporters, who have organized themselves into a campaign called "No to PDDP.
The PDDP dike was proposed by the United Nations in 1978 but was completed only in 2002 on Japanese loans.
The second phase of PDDP is ongoing with the dredging of the Labangan Channel in Calumpit town in Bulacan, he said.
In 1978, the government unveiled the PDDP with support from the United Nations.