PDEFProgramme Décennal de l'Éducation et de la Formation (French: Ten Years of Education and Training)
PDEFProstate-Derived Ets Factor
PDEFPhysical Design Exchange Format
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where pb is the budget's primary surplus defined by pdef = (G - T)/Y = -pb (G is government spending net of interest, and Tare total government revenues).
where pb is the budget's primary surplus defined as pdef = (G - T)/Y = -pb (G is government spending net of interest payments, T is total government revenues and Y is GDP).
The PDEF was already presented to the technical and financial partners and the social partners during the course during several meetings held in Port-au-Prince where various remarks and proposals were made to improve the document.
These regional meetings are therefore part of the follow-up of the consultation process that is going on across the country in finalizing the development of the PDEF. This strategic document, which is vital for the education sector, should guide MENFP's actions in the field of education for the next ten years, 2018-2028.
The terms of reference for the competition include engineering services for the general project (PG) and final project (Pdef) phases, as an option.
Instructions/Remarks: Tenderers Are To Browse Pdf File Msme Pdef And Upload The Required Information To Avail The Benefit Of Public Procurements Of Goods Produced By Micro And Small Enterprise.
Contracts awarded : Environmental Specialist, since the final project phase (PDEF) / intervention concept (CI) to execution, 110052 - N13 Tunnel Gruppe Brusei SISTO / 110053 - N13 Tunnel Gei BAU - BSA - SISTO