PDEPPrincipal Deputy
PDEPPacific Diabetes Education Program (est. 1999)
PDEPProject Development and Execution Process
PDEPProbabilistic Dependency Gate
PDEPPeople with Disabilities Employment Program
PDEPPsychoanalytic Developmental Ego Psychology (theoretical framework)
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"We are still on track," he said noting that from last year, "As far as the PDEP and Philippine Development Plan are concerned, we're on target."
Influence of a pre-dialysis education programme (PDEP) on the mode of renal replacement therapy.
PDEP began a similar study in January, involving a survey of more than 100 sites to test for radioactivity in drill cuttings, wastewater and equipment.
However, after possible environmental obstacles to this plan were highlighted in a legal challenge mounted by CARE before PDEP, SSA pulled out of the project.
SAREA R -0.914(***) -0.261 PFISH M 0.340(**) -0.030 PAREA L 0.908(*) 0.309(*) HABTYPES R 0.030 -0.036 PDEP L -0.010 -0.001 ELEV R -0.017 0.006 [SNAT.sup.2] 0.090(***) -0.026 Regression statistics L:R 1:0 1:1 Model [R.sup.2] 0.80(**) 0.76(**) Intercept 3.07 -0.64 Notes: Variable names and regional definitions are given in Table 1.
Earlier, DepEd also issued its Preventive Drug Education Program (PDEP) Policy for Curriculum and Instruction through DepEd Order (DO) No.
In 2012, a total of 997 trucks transporting 15,769 tons of Marcellus Shale waste were stopped at Pennsylvania landfills when the shipments triggered radiation alarms, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PDEP) reports.
Influence of a pre-dialysis education program (PDEP) on the mode of renal replacement therapy.
The department has asked anyone who has any information about the incident, or who saw any suspicious activity near the Deer Crossing Inn that night, to call Tony Martinelli with PDEP's Bureau of Investigations at 570-220-3110.
PdeP: 15 rue Pre Mathy, 5 170 Lesve-Profondeville, Belgium [pierredeponthiere@gmail.com]