PDFAPartnership for A Drug-Free America
PDFAPaul Davis Fencing Academy (UK)
PDFAPraseodymium Doped Fiber Amplifier
PDFAPartnership for Drug-policy Facts and Alternatives
PDFAPerformance-Driven Facial Animation
PDFAPennsylvania Deer Farmers Association
PDFAPensacola Dog Fanciers Association, Inc. (Milton, FL, USA)
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In fact in both Guru Tej Bahadur Football Tournament and PDFA Women's League, this side didn't concede a single goal.
'It is up to PDFA to decide where to relocate the families because the lot belongs to them and not the city government,' he added.
The performance of the EPDFA is evaluated on an experimental Hadoop cluster configured with 8 Virtual Machines (VMs) and is compared with both the original sequential DFA and the PDFA that only utilizes the default Hadoop configuration settings.
Let the PA A = (Q, [SIGMA], [phi], i, [tau]) be a PDFA. Therefore [for all] q [member of] Q, [for all] a [member of] [SIGMA], |{q' : (q,a,q')}| [less than or equal to] 1.
They can look at something like our teen site and question, 'Who is behind this?'" said Joe Keenan, executive vice president and director of digital production development for PDFA. Keenan said sites should be designed so that teens can access the organization's name in just one or two clicks and that giving the organization's name should not hinder the message.
For instance, he notes, Wyeth is providing information on medicine abuse on its Robitussin and Dimetapp web sites, is responding to inquiries about dextromethorphan or cough medicine on its customer service hotline and is working with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association and PDFA on an educational campaign.
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA) has long been associated with communicating the nation's most visible drug and alcohol abuse prevention messages through public service announcements.
Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA), about 12 million Americans older than 12 years have tried methamphetamine, and 1.4 million Americans are addicted to it.
Most of the campaign's advertisements have been produced by the Partnership for a Drug Free America (PDFA), a nonprofit organization that recruits advertising agencies to develop creative concepts on a pro bono basis.
This past summer it developed a more formal alliance with the Partnership for Drug Free America (PDFA) and plans to spend 2005 spreading the word through public service announcements and print media.
In this study, we further investigate the PDFA and FurylBZ emitters and extend the synthesis of their Pis to other aromatic dianhydrides such as 4,4'-oxydiphthalic anhydride (ODPA) and hexafluoroisopropylidene-2,2-bisphthalic anhydride (6F), yielding the polyimides ODPA-PFDA PI 6F-PFDA PI, ODPA-FurylBZ PI, and 6F-FurylBZ PI.
Pasierb, president of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA).