PDFRPosition Determination Fix Rate
PDFRPeak Diastolic Filling Rate
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The suggested methodology is viewed as part of the general PDfR approach and can be used in the analysis, design and operational reliability assurance of electronic and photonic devices and systems, when reliability is imperative and its quantification is therefore a must.
Probabilistic DfR (PDfR) approach is based on the probabilistic risk management (PRM) concept, and if applied broadly and consistently, brings in the probability measure (dimension) to each of the design characteristics of interest.
When PDfR is used, the reliability criteria (specifications) are based on the acceptable (allowable) probabilities of failure.
The PDfR approach has to do primarily with the DfR phase of the product's life, and not with Manufacturing-for-Reliability (MfR) efforts.
Safety factor (SF) is an important notion of the PDfR approach.
of the mean value [??] [psi] [??] of the SM to its STD [S.sub.[psi]], and therefore is a nonrandom PDfR criterion of the reliability (dependability) of an item.
As a simple example of the application of the PDfR concept, let us address a device whose MTTF during steady-state operation is described by the Boltzmann-Arrhenius equation, and assume that the exponential law of reliability is applicable.
This elementary example gives a flavor of what one could possible expect from using a PDfR approach.
One effective way to evaluate the probability of failure in the field is to implement the existing methods and approaches of PRM techniques and to develop adequate PDfR methodologies.