PDGAProfessional Disc Golf Association (frisbee golf)
PDGAPoly-D-Glutamic Acid (biopolymers)
PDGAParallel Distributed Genetic Algorithm (computer science)
PDGAPennsylvania Dairy Goat Association
PDGAPolydisulfide of Gallic Acid (bioantioxidant)
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The tournament is sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association as one of eight premier events in the 2013 PDGA NT Series, presented by Vibram Disc Golf.
PDGA Executive Director, Brian Graham stated, "The PDGA is very pleased to return to the Leicester area for The Vibram Open.
and several hundred more in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia, according to the PDGA.
The association estimates about 500,000 people are regular players, but "millions of people are playing disc golf around the world recreationally, based on the number of courses in the ground and the numbers of discs sold," said Brian Graham, executive director of the PDGA.
Finding a disc golf course online also is easy through the PDGA course directory.
The top money-winner on the 2003 PDGA tour, Barry Schultz of Sheboygan, Wis.
There are now 37 disc golf courses in Oregon, according to the PDGA.