PDGF-BPlatelet-Derived Growth Factor-B
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(c) PDGF-B mRNA expression in the BMSC, Lenti-LacZ, and Lenti-PDGF groups on days 3, 7, and 14.
One of the first evidence highlighting the role of PDGF-B in colorectal carcinogenesis was mentioned by Ito's et al.
Antibodies against PDGF-B, Ras, Raf, phosphorylated Raf (P-Raf), ERK1/2, and phosphorylated ERK1/2 (P-ERK1/2) were obtained from Cell Signaling Technology (Beverly, MA, USA).
Paeonol Inhibited VEGF and PDGF-B Overexpression in VECs.
One of the most important downstream signaling cascades of VEGF and PDGF-B is the Ras-RafERK pathway [30].
PDGF-B also had a strong effect on promoting inflammation in this study.
Our study indicated that Pae protected the integrity and survival rate of VECs and reduced the VEGF and PDGF-B release of VECs into the cocultured model to inhibit VSMC proliferation.
One reason is that Pae decreased the release of inflammatory cytokines, VEGF and PDGF-B, in VECs which combined with VSMC membrane receptors and led to phosphorylation of the receptors.
The study found that the PDGF-B signaling in the trophoblasts is suppressing production of Erythropoietin (EPO), a cytokine that controls red blood cell differentiation.
"When PDGF-B signaling is lost, excessive amounts of EPO are produced in the placenta, which triggers differentiation of red blood cells in the placental vasculature," said Akanksha Chhabra, study first author and a post-doctoral fellow in Mikkola's lab.
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