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PDGFAPlatelet Derived Growth Factor Alpha
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Posteriormente, tanto DHH y PDGFA se ven implicadas en el desarrollo de las celulas intersticiales adultas (Bitgood et al.; Chen & Liu).
The release of IL-6, TGF-[beta], TNF-[alpha], and PDGFA is essential for bile duct epithelial cell proliferation.
compensatory proangiogenic (10) factors by host cells, for instance VEGF, PlGF, G-CSF, osteopontin, angiopoietin 2, PDGFA, and SDF1[alpha] BMDC mobilization of myeloid Shojaei et al.
A total of 12 TGF-3 pathway downstream genes were found to be differentially expressed (Table 3), which are related to regulation of cell cycle progression (CDC6, CDKN1B, GADD45B, NFKBIA), cytokine and growth factors (1110, TNFSF10, PDGFA, angiogenesis (NOTCH1, VEGFA, PDGFA) and ECM deposition (FN1).
NF1-associated GISTs almost uniformly do not exhibit gain-of-function activation of KIT or PDGFA (pathogenesis is suggested to be from the loss of heterozygosity of the NF1 gene) and are not likely to respond to imatinib.