PDHPEPersonal Development, Health and Physical Education
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In mid 2013, the Science and PDHPE teaching teams and the English, History and Geography teaching teams each attended a full-day workshop that addressed the specific writing demands of their learning areas.
The PDHPE teaching team, in particular, reported significant gains in the quality of student writing, which they described in the following way:
A working relationship with the next tier of education has enhanced the professional performance of the PDHPE faculty at the school.
Given the varied profile of the individuals who participated in the program, the long-term prognosis was shown to be positive in both the short and long-term, satisfying the PDHPE syllabus' (Board of Studies NSW (BOS NSW), 2006) aim, namely, to provide skills for life-long participation in games and sports of the pupils.
In PDHPE the external environment is a vital resource, including the importance of clean air and water, and this reality is made explicit in the subject.
Learning in PDHPE: Learning in Science and Importance of Science and Technology: environment Technology: Discussion of (e.g., clean Making a alternative air, water) for sustainable fuel sources.
To fit within the requirements and length of the Australian PDHPE syllabus, it was proposed that the Climate Schools: Ecstasy Module include three lessons.
The first focused on the literacy demands of Science and PDHPE followed by the second focusing on the literacy demands of English and History/Geography.
I use My teacher comprehension helps me with in these comprehension in subjects these subjects Subject % response % response English 84 80 Science 53 28 Mathematics 39 32 Geography 43 28 History 64 52 Creative Arts 6 18 Design and Technology 30 14 Music 32 25 PDHPE 55 48 Languages 35 41 HSIE 25 30
Time allocations have been provided by the NSW Board of Studies to guide each school in developing student knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through the Key Learning Area (KLA) of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE).