PDHPEPersonal Development, Health and Physical Education
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When asked if they could foresee any problems they may encounter in implementing the program in normal PDHPE classes, 80% of teachers said no and 20% said yes.
Working from the feedback provided by professionals in the drug and alcohol field, as well as PDHPE teachers and Year 10 students, many changes were made to the initial scripts.
A program outline that includes links to the PDHPE syllabus was also provided to teachers for each lesson.
The data included in the case study results were gleaned from a range of sources, including semi-structured interviews with PDHPE staff, non-PDHPE staff, school executives, Year 8 girls and Year 8 boys during the initial stages of the project and half way through the project.
Female to male teacher ratio across the school is 60:40, however, the PDHPE staff comprises two females and five males.
Sport at Gingham High School is structured as an 'integrated' format for Years 7 and 8 and is taught by the PDHPE teachers at the school.
The main instigator of the Girls in Sport program at Gingham was the PDHPE teacher, Sharon, who had been at the school for 8 years.
As the Girls in Sport co-ordinator and project champion, Sharon was supported by an all-female committee, three maths teachers, an English teacher and one PDHPE teacher.
The content of the 13 years of PDHPE in the NSW state school system includes the science of movement, sport experiences, and studies of nutrition and personal hygiene.
What significant problems arise for students and teachers of PDHPE in schools in these areas?
To date, because little research has been conducted in this area in Australia, research findings to verify the existence of potential conflicts involved in teaching PDHPE to Muslim-background students is scarce.
In summary, the major potential areas of conflict in teaching PDHPE for Muslim background children appear to be dress, public display during physical activity, mixed-sex activities, personal development education, lack of socialisation and parental encouragement for PDHPE related activities, unfamiliar sports, and religious observances.