PDHPEPersonal Development, Health and Physical Education
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The PDHPE teaching team, in particular, reported significant gains in the quality of student writing, which they described in the following way:
The PDHPE teachers provided evidence of the improvement in student writing by comparing texts written before and after the literacy intervention.
A working relationship with the next tier of education has enhanced the professional performance of the PDHPE faculty at the school.
Given the varied profile of the individuals who participated in the program, the long-term prognosis was shown to be positive in both the short and long-term, satisfying the PDHPE syllabus' (Board of Studies NSW (BOS NSW), 2006) aim, namely, to provide skills for life-long participation in games and sports of the pupils.
In PDHPE the external environment is a vital resource, including the importance of clean air and water, and this reality is made explicit in the subject.
Letters outlining the aims of the developmental phase of the study were sent to Heads of PDHPE departments at schools where the NDARC had previously established collaborative links.
Curriculum requirements: Teachers were asked to rate on a five-point Likert scale how well they thought the program fitted with the Year 710 PDHPE curriculum for Year 10 students, from 1 (extremely well) to 5 (not at all well).
The first focused on the literacy demands of Science and PDHPE followed by the second focusing on the literacy demands of English and History/Geography.
Two whole-day workshops, held in Term 3, were attended by 25 teachers in faculty teams: Science (five teachers) and PDHPE (five teachers); English (eight teachers) and History/Geography (seven teachers), all of whom taught Years 7 and 8.
Traditional sport is often 'supervised' by both PDHPE specialists and non-PDHPE teachers and can therefore result in diverse levels of expertise delivered to the students.
Integrated sport usually involves discrete year groups engaging in similarly structured sporting activities as in PE classes and involves PDHPE trained teachers assigned to these sport choices.
Participants completed a self report instrument designed to reflect key components of the PDHPE curriculum.