PDHRAPost-Deployment Health Reassessment (US DoD)
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(11) In addition, PTSD diagnoses may be missed if Marines taking the PDHRA are not forthright in their responses because they fear the stigma and ramifications of being identified with PTSD.
Research about Marine veterans' perceptions of the PDHRA screening process is limited or missing from the literature.
Our overall sample was 55,047 Navy sailors and Marines who deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, or Kuwait in 2008-2009 and completed a PDHA following deployment and an associated PDHRA between 30 and 365 d later.
On the PDHA and the PDHRA, servicemembers were asked whether they experienced a blast or explosion, vehicular accident/crash, fragment or bullet wound above the shoulders, fall, or other injury involving the head during deployment.
The PDHRA or Form DD 2900 should be completed between 90 and 180 days after return from deployment.
The PDHRA can only be done by physician, PA, NP or IDC.
DOD's quality assurance program has limitations and does not allow the department to accurately assess whether the military services ensure that servicemembers complete the PDHRA. DOD's quality assurance program relies on quarterly reports from each military service, monthly reports from AFHSC, and site visits to military installations to oversee the military services' compliance with deployment health assessment requirements, including completion of PDHRA.
With the numerous tasks Soldiers must complete upon their return, the difficulty lies in letting them know that the PDHRA is an opportunity to address something that is personal to them--their own health.
Thomas Languirand, chief of the Command Policy and Programs Division, Deputy Chief of Staff for G-1/Personnel, who currently oversees the PDHRA. "How do you prove to Soldiers that not only do they not know what they may be facing, but they may not realize it until it's too late?"
DOD uses a health care contractor in all but a small number of cases to administer the PDHRA to National Guard and Reserve servicemembers either in person or by telephone through a call center.
Years after leaving the working group, I can now truly visualize how the work back then developed the PDHRA into what it is today.
More than 483,000 Soldiers have been screened by the PDHRA since the summer of 2005.