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PDIFProduct Development Integration Framework (IBM)
PDIFProduct Definition Interchange Format
PDIFPortable Document Interchange Format
PDIFP-Cad Data Interchange Format
PDIFPhysical Demands Information Form (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board; Canada)
PDIFPhilequity Dollar Income Fund (finance)
PDIFProfessional Development International Fellowship (Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research)
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SER represents services value added growth which is determined by GDP per capita annual growth (GDPP), per worker productivity difference in two sectors (PDIF) and sum of the exogenous demand shocks (z).
This also confirms the fact that although the OI is a frontal impact at time zero, but the PDIF continues to change towards the lateral direction during the crash.
To enable fixed mobile convergence networks, the 3GPP2 has defined an element called the Packet Data Interworking Function (PDIF).
For now, customers are only just getting on board with PDIF, although about 40 companies are set to implement it next year, according to Walter Donaldson, IBM'S general manager of PLM.
They can also buy additional shares from the PDIF and employees.
The entire 19% is directed to the PDIF. The total contribution rate to the two-pillar system is also 19%, but 12.35% is directed to the first pillar and 6.65% is directed to the second pillar (the individual savings account).