PDINProcurement Document Identification Number
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Purpureum) Energy (MJ/kg DM) ME 7.97 (a) 8.63 (b) NE 4.60 (a) 5.06 (b) UFL 0.64 (a) 0.70 (b) Protein (g/kg DM) PDI 83 (a) 74 (b) PDIN 87 (a) 74 (b) PDIE 83 (a) 85 (a) Component Buffalo grass Mulberry leaves Pooled (P.
Concentrations of TA, CP, CF, UFL, PDIN and PDIE were determined according to the Official Methods of Analysis [7].
Average UFL, CP, CF, TA, PDIN and PDIE contents of forages are presented in figure 2.
DM: dry matter, UFL: Feed Unit for Lactation, CP: crude protein, CF: crude fibre, TA: total ash, PDIN: protein digested in the small intestine when rumen-fermentable nitrogen is limiting, PDIE: protein digested in the small intestine when rumen-fermentable energy is limiting.
In fact, forage quality characteristics were similar between treatments expect for mean CP and PDIN contents.
Con relacion a las fracciones del sistema PDI (TABLA II), se puede apreciar que los valores de PDIN y PDIE son muy similares, lo cual indica que en la formulacion de los concentrados existe un equilibrio entre los compuestos nitrogenados degradables en rumen y la energia fermentable en rumen.