PDIVPartial Discharge Inception Voltage
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The magnetic wire was formed into each forming pattern and the change in PDIV was measured.
Figure 11 shows the relationship between the edgewise bending angle and PDIV. Likewise, Fig.
Figure 15 shows the PDIV measurement results after forming into the motor coil end-shape.
The motor coil end-formed product did not experience surface damaging or tearing, and also secured a sufficient PDIV. The required coating thickness specification was determined in consideration of a PDIV reduction rate after forming of 5%.
Figure 19 shows the relationship between the immersion time and PDIV This shows that there is no drop in insulation performance due to ATF.
Given the role of product and geographic diversification as management strategies, we also include an interaction term linking the product (PDIV) and geographic diversification (GEODIV) variables to test the shared relationship with firm performance.
To control for these relationships, we include the measure of a firm's product diversification (PDIV), the square of PDIV ([PDIV.sup.2]), and the interaction terms of product diversification and geographic diversification (PDIV*GEODIV).
The empirical results show a nonmonotonic relationship between the level of product diversification (PDIV) and firm performance and evidence of this relationship was found in both versions of product diversification measurement.
The coefficient of the variable PDIV is negatively significant and the coefficient of the squared term of PDIV is positively significant for geographically focused firms, supporting the existence of a significant relationship between product and geographic diversification noted earlier.