PDLCPolymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (display)
PDLCProgramming Development Life Cycle (steps to build computer programs)
PDLCPermanent Dual Lumen Catheter (cardiology)
PDLCPremium Downloadable Content
PDLCProject Development Life Cycle
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A later memorandum, PDLC 17-21A that was posted on UP's registration website, changed the guidelines, already ordering the assessment of payable fees.
As estimativas de correlacao genetica para as PDLC variaram de 0,30 a 1,00, sendo que as maiores estimativas ocorreram entre controles adjacentes (Tabela 3).
TH3F-4: Increasing the Speed of Microstrip Line-type PDLC Devices
Product development life cycle (PDLC) assessment is one of the most effective tools that enable managers to evaluate the environmental implications of any manufacturing activity.
- - By smart glass technology segments (SPD, electrochromic, PDLC, thermochromic, photochromatic)
New York, NY, January 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- BenQ Materials, a leading optical component manufacturer, is planning to introduce its new product line, Smart Film Series, which currently includes 2 product categories, "H.A.D.E.S" smart privacy window system and advanced PDLC products during CES (Consumer Electronics Shows) 2016 in Las Vegas USA.
Polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films, composed of microsized liquid crystal droplets dispersed in a continuous polymer matrix, have wildly been investigated for their particular properties [1-5].
In the present study, we describe the preparation and experimental investigations on the phase transitions and morphology of novel PDLC systems based on polysulfone UDEL-3000 (PSU) or its derivatives (chloromethylated polysulfone or polysulfone containing lateral phosphaphenanthrene substituent) and a phosphorus-containing liquid crystalline polymer (LCC).
“Smart Windows Markets 2012" analyzes and forecasts the market potential for smart window technologies including thermochromics, photochromics, PDLC and SPD.
The most common configuration of the PDLC droplets is the so-called bipolar configuration arising from the well known tendency of many nematics to anchor tangentially to polymer surfaces [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].