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PDLLPregnancy Disability Leave Law (California)
PDLLPseudo-Dynamic Latched Logic (electronics)
PDLLPoorly Differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma (cancer)
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Because patients with radicular pain had a worse outcome and more frequent resurgeries, whether radicular pain is an ideal indication for PDLL should be discussed.
Ces travaux concernent les locaux sanitaires des gares de page de la direction rgionale PDLL. Ils comprennent des travaux voiries et rseaux divers pour le ramnagement du stationnement et de la chaine de dplacement piton jusqu~au local sanitaire, et des travaux de ramnagement de l~intrieur du local sanitaire.
PDLL (Problem Domain Definition Language) model extracts the learning object by matching metadata with e-learning content by applying Ant algorithm.