PDLSPorsche Dynamic Light System
PDLSPediatra di Libera Scelta (Italian: Pediatrician)
PDLSPediatric Disaster Life Support (University of Massachusetts)
PDLSProfessional Development Laboratory School (Webster, TX)
PDLSPhotoshop DLL (Dynamic Link Library) Linking System
PDLSProtocol Dependent Logic Server
PDLSPostgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies (various universities)
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"The DOJ (Department of Justice) has nothing to do with the release of around 200 PDLs immediately after the SC decision came out last June.
'We found private investors who showed interest to the products of the PDLs,' she said.
The Court has given the trial court the authority to exercise its discretion to suspend the videoconference proceeding when there are technical issues which would affect its fairness or if matters should arise warranting the PDLs' physical appearance in the courtroom.
Under existing jurisprudence, PDLs may only vote for national positions.
The class A notes are sufficiently protected against PIR as they benefit from both a cash facility fully dedicated to liquidity purposes and the general reserve, which can be depleted to cover outstanding PDLs in case of weak asset performance.
Charakterystyka fizjologiczna i kliniczna znieczulenia srodwiezadlowego (PDL) wykonywanego za pomoca strzykawki wysokocisnieniowej oraz systemu sterowanego komputerowo.
Due to high interest rates and recurring payments for PDLs, the industry has come under increased scrutiny, resulting in regulations in many states.
The longitudinally coupled prefabricated slab track (LCPST) which is reinnovated from the prototype of Bogl slab of Germany by China has been widely used on high-speed railway or Passenger Dedicated Lines (PDLs) in China with the total length of about 4637 km (double track).
The most powerful model is equipped with four-zone climate control, LED main headlights, including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), and ambient lighting as standard.