PDMLProduct Data Markup Language
PDMLPanel Definition Markup Language
PDMLPacket Details Markup Language (computer science)
PDMLPentax Discuss Mail List
PDMLParallel Data Manipulation Language
PDMLPhotovoltaic Device Measurement Laboratory
PDMLProgressive Developing Markets Ltd. (UK)
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Caption: Figure 1--Plant height (a), dry matter production of roots (DMPR) (b), number of leaves per flower stem (NLFS) (c), production of dry matter of leaves (PDML) (d), total chlorophyll (e) and Fe leaf content (f) of rosebushes (cv.
The adoption of the Public Debt Management Law (PDML) and the publication of debt reports was a major step forward.
The intervention envisaged by the SRUBP for the Sao Paulo community has been incorporated into the urban planning program for the city of Lisbon (PDML, 2002).