PDNPProved Developed Non-Producing (oil/gas reserves classification)
PDNPPeak District National Park (UK)
PDNPPeripheral Diabetic Neuropathic Pain
PDNPPretty Darn Near Perfect
PDNPPattern-Dependent Noise Prediction
PDNPPostgraduate Diploma in Nursing Practice (Australia)
PDNPPre-Delta National Park (Argentina)
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PdNPs have been found to have antimicrobial activities [16], and incubation of calf thymus DNA with palladium ions degraded DNA molecules [17].
In this study, we explored the cytotoxic and DNA damaging potential of PdNPs on human skin malignant melanoma (A375) cells.
PdNPs (APS~15nm) were obtained from US Research Nanomaterials Inc.
A moderate, but not statistically significant increase of intracellular ROS was measured both in controls and in PdNP exposed cells, whereas ROS significantly (P < 0.05) increased after Pd(IV) exposure by more than 30% of the control (Figure 2).
The PDP Reserves have increased to 19.9 BCF (3.3 MMBOE) with an additional Proved Developed Non Producing ("PDNP") reserves of 2.4 BCF (400,000 BOE).
The PDP and PDNP Reserves have a Future Net Income of ~US$100 million and a Present Value (at a 10% discount) of US$70.0 million.
Embora diversos fatores possam influenciar o desempenho de processos de desenvolvimento de produtos (PDNP), aspectos relacionados a estrutura e a gestao desse processo sao essenciais (COOPER; KLEINSCHMIDT, 1986; DWYER; MELLOR, 1991; HULTINK et al., 1997, 2000; MATTHING; SANDEN; EDVARDSSON, 2004; MOLLER; TONI; BOEHE, 2006; RAJALA; WESTERLUND, 2008).
Ha diversos modelos criados para descrever o conjunto de etapas e atividades requeridas nesse processo (PDNP).
Os resultados mostraram que o processo de desenvolvimento de produtos (PDNP) na organizacao esta estruturado em cinco etapas: a conceituacao, que envolve a identificacao de mercado-alvo e a descricao de conceitos de produtos; a concepcao, ocasiao em que ocorre a avaliacao dos conceitos de produto e a selecao do conceito com maior probabilidade de sucesso; o desenvolvimento, que inclui a elaboracao de prototipos e a conversao do conceito de produto em negocio; a execucao, que envolve a preparacao da producao, a fabricacao e comercializacao do produto; e, por fim, a avaliacao, contendo a verificacao pos-lancamento do desempenho do produto.
For instance, in most cases, the verb must be followed by the PDNP (see [2c] above), although examples like (3a) below are possible.
(a) Agreement between the PDNP and the verb inflection.
According to Torrego (1989) and Hoekstra and Mulder (1990), preposed locative phrases in sentences like (2c) and (3) are the external argument of the sentence and link the empty extensional nucleus of the PDNP. However, it seems that preposed locative phrases are obligatory both when the subject is a postverbal agreeing PDNP and when the logical subject is arbitrary (*[en Madrid] se come muy bien lit.