PDOLPiteå Dansar Och Ler (street festival in the north of Sweden)
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The empirical investigation consists of a cross-section analysis, a PDOLS analysis and a PMG estimation.
For the PDOLS and PMG analyses, the data transformation has been adapted to the features of the econometric techniques.
The empirical methods applied in order to estimate the relationship between cumulative growth (CG) and structural adjustment (SA) are the cross-country analysis, the PDOLS estimator proposed by Mark and Sul (2003) and the PMG estimator proposed by Pesaran et al.
We take into account the above concerns, and we re-consider equation 5 by applying PDOLS and PMG estimators.
In the PDOLS framework, the long-run regression is augmented by lead and lagged differences of the explanatory variables to control for endogenous feedbacks (Saikkonen, 1991).
We begin with the results of the PDOLS estimations.
Table 5 shows that the PMG estimator produces results consistent with the cross-section and PDOLS analysis in terms of sign, but with different magnitude.
En virtud del resultado anterior se procede a estimar el parametro [beta] de la ecuacion (7) por los metodos propuestos por Kao y Chiang (2000) para estimar variables cointegradas en panel, los cuales son: i) Minimos Cuadrados Ordinarios (OLS, por sus siglas en ingles); ii) Minimos Cuadrados Ordinarios Totalmente Modificados (FMOLS); y iii) Minimos Cuadrados Ordinarios Dinamicos (PDOLS), los cuales se presentaron en el conjunto de ecuaciones dado en (37).
Cuadro 5 Pendiente [??] estimada con diversos metodos Metodo [??] OLS 0.4924 (18.43) FM 0.7606 (6.99) DOLS * 0.4327 (3.78) Notas: * Se refiere al metodo de estimacion de los Minimo Cuadrado Ordinarios Dinamicos (PDOLS) propuesto por Kao y Chiang (2000).