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PDPHPost Dural Puncture Headache
PDPHPhiladelphia Department of Public Health (Philadelphia, PA)
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PDPH in obstetric anesthesia: comparison of 24-gauge Sprotte and 25-gauge Quincke needles and effect of subarachnoid administration of fentanyl.
This data exchange enabled PDPH to have a better understanding of the variations in hypertension prevalence and control, identified considerable gaps in control, and provided an impetus to improve.
Further studies including the comparison between different methods of groups should be carried out to investigate the effectiveness of bipolar RFTC in patients with discogenic LBP and the incidence of short-term PDPH.
Diagnosis of PDPH must be made early in order to rule out other more significant causes of headache in the parturient4.
Active surveillance by the Poison Control Center (PCC) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia alerted PDPH, and it was learned that all patients had attended a 9-hour cheerleading event at a local high school gymnasium on December 4.
Methods: Ultrasound-guided bilateral occipital nerve block was administrated in 21 patients who developed PDPH after spinal anesthesia but did not respond to conservative medical treatment within 48 hours between January 2012 and February 2014.
The present study was designed to investigate the use of 27 Gauge (G) spinal needle for spinal anaesthesia in Caesarean section in terms of success and PDPH rate.
In the audit a larger number of patients accrued in the pencil-point group because these were more popular than cutting-edge needles, because of the reduced risk of CSF leak and PDPH (1-3).
MRI (T1 weighted) with gadolinium contrast, however, reveals changes that can make a difference in the diagnosis of PDPH.
The Ascentia model is designed by physicians for physicians to enable PDPH management.
3) Whitacre needle is found to be much superior to Quincke needle in reducing the incidence of PDPH (4), even though Quincke needle is used more commonly in performing lumbar subarachnoid block.