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PDPHPost Dural Puncture Headache
PDPHPhiladelphia Department of Public Health (Philadelphia, PA)
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The incidence and severity of PDPH depends upon number of factors, the types of the needle used (Whitacre spinal needle or Tuohy's epidural needle), number of attempts to administer the block, gender of the patients, as it is most common in obstetric patients.
PDPH has the typical features of a postural headache that is worsened by standing or straining and relieved by lying down.
Anesthesiologist was called and she was treated for PDPH with analgesics, caffeine citrate and hydration, with symptomatic improvement in the following days.
This data exchange enabled PDPH to have a better understanding of the variations in hypertension prevalence and control, identified considerable gaps in control, and provided an impetus to improve.
A few studies found that the risk of PDPH increased after dural puncture.[sup][28],[29] In our study, three patients suffered from mild short-term PDPH, and the symptom disappeared within 1 week.
Apgar score of the newborn, the visual analogue scale (VAS) pain score at one day after surgery, and the state of the postdural puncture headache (PDPH) were also compared.
Comparison the incidence of PDPH after median and paramedian spinal anesthesia technique in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery.
Larger gauge (i.e., smaller diameter) spinal needles are less likely to cause postdural puncture headaches (PDPH) but are more readily deflected than smaller gauge needles.
The therapeutic dose of caffeine for treatment of postdural-puncture headache (PDPH) in humans is 7 mg/kg twice daily, while we used 60 and 120 mg/kg of caffeine in rats, and this difference is a result of metabolism dissimilarities between humans and rats.
Data from a trial (1) and a series of two cases (2) support the use of gabapentin in the treatment of post-dural puncture headaches (PDPH).
Another factor limiting spinal anaesthesia in ambulatory patients is postdural puncture headache (PDPH).