PDPIPerhimpunan Dokter Paru Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesia Association of Lung Doctors; Indonesia)
PDPIPostpartum Depression Prediction Inventory
PDPIPeripheral Devices and Process Interfaces
PDPIPrimer-Dependent DNA Polymerase Labeling Index (cell treatment reaction measurement)
PDPIPulse Driven Printer Interface
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Operating since the '90s, PDPI has built a solid reputation for excellence and innovation by developing at least 150 hectares of residential subdivisions with almost 10,000 homes in Northern Panay.
However, the current efforts by Brazilian and American institutions are introducing two new elements: first, a focus on school teachers, as opposed to university professors, who were the professionals targeted by those exchange programs, and second, the scale of the PDPI.
Despite its attempt to address one of the many challenges facing the Brazilian educational system, the PDPI runs the risk of reinforcing the view that native speakers "know best" a view that goes against the idea of the importance of the empowerment of local knowledge.
A program like the PDPI tends to reinforce those boundaries since it assumes a detached view of teaching methodologies, one that can be transposed anywhere in the world.
PDPI plans to take this technology to the next level by incorporating it into a Universal Serial Bus (USB) architecture.