PDPSProfessional Development Points
PDPSProblem Driver Pointer System
PDPSPenang Diocesan Pastoral Secretariat (Malaysia)
PDPSPrabhu Dayal Public School (India)
PDPSProduct Definition Promotion System
PDPSPower Distribution Panel for Slave (shelf)
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The PDPS is a refinement of a pilot survey created by the coauthors in consultation with experts in neurodermatitis and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).
The PDPS asks general questions about the skin diagnosis and any treatments the patient may have used, such as over-the-counter products, prescription medications, and procedures, as well as the use of makeup.
Thinfilms PDPS technology is based on a hybrid manufacturing process that leverages print methods in key process steps.
Under the terms of this new two year extension, through October 2015, PeptiDream will continue to identify macrocyclic peptides as potential drug candidates for Bristol-Myers Squibb's targets by using PDPS for translational synthesis, selection and screening of non-standard macrocyclic peptides.
Bayer owns the rights to novel lead structures generated in the course of the collaboration and obtains a license under PeptiDreams PDPS technology to the extent necessary for human therapeutic use (excluding peptide-drug conjugates) of those novel structures.