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PDPTPeople's Democratic Party of Tajikistan
PDPTPage Directory Pointer Table (computing)
PDPTPatient-Delivered Partner Therapy (sexually transmitted diseases)
PDPTpassive-dependent personality traits
PDPTPencatat Data Pembicaraan Telepon (Indonesian: Phone Discussion Data Recorders)
PDPTPrevention of Diabetes Progression Trial (Indiana University School of Medicine)
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The ruling PDPT has 55 of 63 seats in the outgoing parliament.
[98,99] used a simple galvanic replacement reaction between Pt[Cl.sub.6.sup.2-] ions and Pd nanocrystals to fabricate PdPt based bimetallic concave nanocrystals with different shapes.
Rahmonov quit the ranks of the Communist Party in 1998 and has since led the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT).
Political parties and leaders: People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan or PDPT [Emomali RAHMON]; Islamic Revival Party or IRPT [Muhiddin KABIRI]; Tajik Communist Party or CPT [Shodi SHABDOLOV]; Democratic Party or DPT [Masud Sobirov heads government-recognized faction; Mahmadruzi ISKANDAROV, currently serving 23-year prison term, is chairman of original DPT; Rahmatullo VALIYEV is deputy)]; Social Democratic Party or SDPT [Rahmatullo ZOYIROV]; Socialist Party of Tajikistan or SPT [Abdukhalim GAFFOROV; Murhuseyn NARZIEV heads the original SPT party that is currently unrecognized by the government]; Agrarian Party or APT [Amir Birievich QARAQULOV]; Party of Economic Reform or PERT [Olimjon BOBOYEV].