PDPVPostural Drainage, Percussion, and Vibration (pulmonology)
PDPVPre-Duodenal Portal Vein (congenital anomaly)
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In duodenal obstruction due to the presence of a PDPV a bypass procedure, such as a duodenoduodenostomy or side to side duodenoduonestomy, duodenogastrosotmy or duodenojejunostomy (1,2,3,4,5) are suggested.
CONCLUSIONS: In those patients with situs inversus requiring laparotomy it is important to look for the presence of a PDPV, especially when associated with rotational anomalies or duodenal obstruction.
5) reviewed the literature and found only 41 reported cases of PDPV from 1921 to 1974.
Other rare and interesting presentations of PDPV have been described.
PDPV usually presents in the paediatriac population as it is the associated congenital anomalies that draw attention to its presence.