PDQSProfessional Development and Quality Services (Hong Kong)
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* "Suggestion for next year: Make PDQs for Blood Bank too."
In an effort to increase student engagement in two different pre-professional practice clinical laboratory science (CLS) courses, the pre-discussion quiz (PDQ was implemented as a curricular component for enhancing student engagement.
The majority of students took their PDQ within 12 hours of the individual class discussion but before the 60 minute interval (Figure 1).
Through implementation of the PDQ, students in both pre-professional practice immunology and chemistry CLS courses made the choice to read the material before the beginning of class and come better prepared to discuss the material.
If students were not going to be in class the morning the PDQ was to be completed, they were required to contact the instructor before class either via email or telephone regarding the reason for their absence in order to protect the points earned on the most recent PDQ If students completed their PDQ before the deadline but failed to come to class that day without contacting their instructor, the PDQ points were forfeited.
In these two content-heavy courses, the PDQ did help to increase student engagement on a weekly basis which met the primary objective for implementing the PDQ The entire PDQ experience can perhaps best be summed up by the student quote: "I had to read that whole chapter to answer that little PDQ"
(7,8) The PDQ is one strategy that can be used in content-heavy courses with students who are reluctant to take on the task of preparing before the class discussion.