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PDRPhysicians' Desk Reference
PDRPreliminary Design Review
PDRPurchase of Development Rights
PDRPublic Document Room
PDRProliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
PDRPrivate Dining Room
PDRPreliminary Design Report
PDRPost Doctoral Research
PDRProdukte Durch Recycling
PDRPrecision Depth Recorder
PDRPaintless Dent Removal/Repair
PDRProject Definition Report
PDRProduction Decision Review
PDRPulse Doppler Radar
PDRPublic Disclosure Request (proprietary information)
PDRPhoto Dissociation Region
PDRProgram Design Review
PDRProgram Deviation Report
PDRPygmy Dipole Resonance
PDRPulse Dose Rate (radiation therapy)
PDRPersonal Dead-Reckoning (position location system)
PDRPreferential Departure Route
PDRProgrammable Digital Radio
PDRPod Diver Radio (Scuba Podcast)
PDRPeriscope Detection Radar
PDRProduct Delivery Record
PDRPhilippine Defense Ribbon
PDRPreliminary Data Report
PDRPolicy Development & Review Department (International Monetary Fund)
PDRProcessor Data Rate
PDRPolicy Delivery Receipt (insurance)
PDRPigmentary Disorder, Reticulate, with Systemic Manifestations
PDRParticulate Data Reduction
PDRPilot-to-Data Power Ratio (CDMA coding)
PDRPeer Dispute Resolution
PDRPersonal Digital Reader
PDRPeriodic Documentation Review
PDRPacket Discard Rate
PDRProgram Data Requirement
PDRPeriscope Depth Range
PDRPlantwide Data Report
PDRProfessional Development Ribbon
PDRPlanned Deviation Request
PDRProspective Drug Review
PDRPrisoner Data Report
PDRPartial Digits Received
PDRPressurized Deuterium Reactor
PDRPolicy Deviation Request
PDRProcess Design Review
PDRPositive Discrepancy Revenue
PDRPremium Deposit Reserve (insurance)
PDRPre-Delivery Router
PDRProgram Definition Review
PDRProduct Defect Rate
PDRPower Distribution Receptacle
PDRProbabilistic Delay Routing
PDRProblem Detail Report
PDRProgram Document Review (Army Training)
PDRPest Detection Report (California)
PDRPressure Difference Ratio
PDRPersonal Development Record
PDRPerformance and Development Review (appraisal)
PDRPoint of Diminishing Returns
PDRPerformance Data Reporting
PDRPetition for Discretionary Review (law; various locations)
PDRPrice Deviation Request (sales)
PDRPaul Davis Restoration
PDRProfessional Development Recognition
PDRPeople's Democratic Republic (various nations)
PDrPartisë Demokrate të Reformuar (Reformed Democratic Party, Albania)
PDRPlaya Del Racing (racing team; Indianapolis, IN)
PDRPlanning, Development and Rehabilitation (Church of Uganda)
PDRPacket Delivery Ratio
PDRPersonal Development Review
PDRPeak Data Rate
PDRPizza De Resistance (restaurant)
PDRPower Distribution Rack (computing)
PDRPersonal Digital Recorder
PDRPiece de Resistance
PDRPublic Data Release (US EPA)
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Here, the stockholders must have prior discussion with and approved of at least two-thirds of the PDR holders, meaning Rappler is, at the very least, under obligation to consult with Omidyar Network.
It was also noticed that the SEC, which had approved the controversial ON PDR, did a detailed research on the question only after Solicitor General Jose Calida brought it to the commission's attention, presumably on Malacanang's instructions.
In [14] the jammer detection approach used PDR for detection of jamming attack.
Off trackno progress: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand.
The prevalence of dry eye syndrome was significantly higher in PDR group compared with control.
PSVB aims to be the best local Bank in the Lao PDR with an extensive network and to provide world class banking services to individuals, corporate and government agencies.
The TTAB still has to decide the case on the merits, meaning that PDR will eventually have to fight for its very survival in the U.
001) do not consider the PDR to be the standard of medical care and 93.
Moody's is maintaining the PDR at the B3 level to indicate the continued high default risk until the capital market debt is refinanced over the next 14 months when the following MTNs mature: CHF250 million ($240 million; July 2011) and $500 million (February 2012).
The PDR includes tables that are filled in to quantify participation in 26 types of activities or honors, for the current year and previous years.
With the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) or pandrug-resistant (PDR) isolates, few drugs are now available to treat MDR or PDR Acinetobacter infections; polymyxins are the only therapeutic option in many cases (2).
The scientists studied the medicine's effect on the most common cause of severe vision loss among working-age Americans, a disease called proliferative diabetic retinopathy, or PDR.