PDRBProduk Domestik Regional Bruto (Indonesian: Gross Regional Domestic Product; publication)
PDRBPlanning and Development Review Board (Florida)
PDRBPort Data Register B (computer hardware)
PDRBPendapatan Domestik Regional Bruto (Indonesian: gross regional domestic revenue)
PDRBPlatform Dynamics Recycle Bin (Platform Dynamics software)
PDRBProduct Development Review Board
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Section 1643 of the National Defense Authorization Act 08 (1) established the DoD PDRB. The PDRB will evaluate cases upon request of a Soldier or through its own motion review where the Soldier was separated with a 20% or less disability rating and was not eligible for retirement.
* Recommendation for the modification of a disability rating (however, the PDRB is barred from recommending a modification of the disability that would reduce the Rating for that disability)
Upon receipt of the PDRB recommendations, the service secretary may modify the records of the individual effective the date of the original PEB.
Department of Defense Instruction 6040.44 designates the US Air Force as the lead DoD component for the establishment, operation, and management of the PDRB for DoD.