PDRCPeople's Democratic Reform Committee (Thailand)
PDRCPermanent Display Removable Computer (hardware)
PDRCProfessional Development Resource Center (Enterprise Ohio Network, Kirtland, OH)
PDRCPersonnel Dispatch and Reception Centre (Royal Australian Air Force)
PDRCPiedmont Dispute Resolution Center (Virginia)
PDRCProvincial Development and Reform Commission (China)
PDRCProgram/POM Development Review Committee
PDRCPC (Personal Computer) Duo Remote Control (software)
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Out of 70 referrals during the study period, 40 consecutive diagnosed cases of PDRC (based on the Structured Clinical Interview for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)) were included.
This experience assisted the commission in forming a detailed inspection plan for the visit to Jau Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre," PDRC said, adding that the report published in September 2013 by the Ombudsman's Office inspection of JRRC was also taken into account during the visit.
3) The translation of the Thai name of the PDRC is actually People's Committee for Absolute Democracy with the King as Head of State, but they use the name People's Democratic Reform Committee in English.
1, the BCDA asked the Supreme Court to order the evictions to proceed, saying the delays in enforcing the PDRC ruling affected the public good.
He warned PDRC supporters to be mindful not to burn the whole country down as a result.
With an integrated vehicle-mounted display and keyboard, the upgraded PDRC works seamlessly with other Toughbook mobile computers such as the Toughbook U1, H1 Field, 19 and 31.
Several CDC members, including Borwornsak himself, were known to have attended or participated in anti-government PDRC rallies in 2013-14.
On Friday, Tabanda informed lawyer Arnel Casanova, BCDA president, about the city government plan at the end of a three-hour special session initiated by the city council to discuss the impact of the PDRC ruling on Baguio.
Overnight, under three successive orders issued by the NPOMC, 155 individuals were summoned to the army bases, including former ministers, Redshirts leaders, family members of Pheu Thai parliamentarians and some PDRC leaders.
National Police chief Police General Adul Saengsingkaew met representatives of the PDRC and promised to speed up investigations into killings of the children.
The PDRC team found that there are no available records on programmes to evaluate risk assessment and the legal use of force," added the report.
Largely urbanized and rooted in the middle class, (35) the PDRC drew its base from former supporters of the People's Alliance for Democracy (Yellow Shirts), which helped to oust Thaksin in the 2006 coup and his subsequent political parties, anti-amnesty opponents, civil society groups, (36) and Democrat Party supporters.