PDRCIPhilippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.
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It did not matter to the BCDA that the PDRCI also ruled that, actually, it was the BCDA that violated the joint venture agreement with CJHDC and that the BCDA must pay CJHDC some P1.
The PDRCI ruling also needed another court procedure: That is the Regional Trial Court must confirm, on the one hand, the award of P1.
Last week, the PDRCI resolved the feud by "extinguishing" the lease after concluding that both parties violated the original Oct.
The 274page PDRCI ruling provides a glimpse of the dealings that took place under the city's collective noses.
The PDRCI decision also calls for the return to BCDA of Camp John Hay's undeveloped portions, which were mostly forested area and covered by a log ban, as stated in the a memorandum issued by BCDA subsidiary, John Hay Management Corp.
The PDRCI has as members prominent lawyers, members of the judiciary, academicians, arbitrators, bankers and businessmen.