PDRCIPhilippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.
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Under the MOU, the POC and the PDRCI will create an official Alternative Dispute Resolution framework to resolve conflicts within national sports associations (NSAs).
As soon as this is approved by the POC Board and the general assembly, the PDRCI will conduct seminars for NSAs to better understand the workings of mediation and arbitration,' Vargas said.
With Tan of PDRCI were Robert Dio (sec-gen), Salvador Panga Jr.
Philippine Olympic Committee president Ricky Vargas, 4th right, shakes hands with Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc (PDRCI) president Atty.
The PDRCI ruling, however, does not address the fate of enterprises and home or unit owners inside the JHSEZ.
Last March 27, the Baguio court confirmed the final award by the PDRCI of P1.4 billion to CJHDevCo by the BCDA.
It did not matter to the BCDA that the PDRCI also ruled that, actually, it was the BCDA that violated the joint venture agreement with CJHDC and that the BCDA must pay CJHDC some P1.4 billion in damages.
The PDRCI ruling also needed another court procedure: That is the Regional Trial Court must confirm, on the one hand, the award of P1.4 billion to CJHDC, and on the other, the termination of the joint venture agreement.
Last week, the PDRCI resolved the feud by "extinguishing" the lease after concluding that both parties violated the original Oct.
The 274page PDRCI ruling provides a glimpse of the dealings that took place under the city's collective noses.
(PDRCI) also ruled that BCDA was not entitled to the P3.3 billion alleged unpaid rentals to BCDA.
To settle the issue once and for all, CJHDC filed an arbitration case, something that can force both sides to submit themselves to the decision of a knowledgeable referee like the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center (PDRCI).