PDRGPlan Directeur Rive Gauche (French: Left Bank Management Plan)
PDRGPrivate Duty Resource Group (Brookline, MA)
PDRGPolarization Dependence of Raman Gain (electrical engineering)
PDRGPopulation Dynamics Research Group
PDRGPhotonic Device Research Group (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Champaign, IL)
PDRGProfessional Development Research Grants (Virginia Community College System)
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But recently, Adnol got entangled in a controversy over his statement that PDRG operatives do not actually need body cameras since God would be the witness in their operation.
The younger generation was especially damaged by this cycle of events, and some of them may have been permanently dislodged to the status of renters, but we might hope that the reduced house prices also have lowered the barrier to homeownership for countless others," says Dowell Myers, director of PDRG and study author.