PDRNPractitioner Dissemination and Research Network
PDRNPampanga Disaster Response Network (Philippines)
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All ultrasound- (Sonosite[R] X-porte-) guided PDRN injections were performed by the same physician (lead author).
Among them, patients who met the inclusion criteria and had received prolotherapy with PDRN were selected (n = 32).
Prolotherapy with PDRN is an effective treatment for refractory chronic RCT because it reduces pain, improves function, and decreases disability in performing the activities of daily life.
The aim of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of UCB-MSCs and/or PDRN injections in regenerating RCT in a rabbit model.
Group 1 (G1-SAL) was injected with 0.2 mL of normal saline, group 2 (G2-PDRN) with 0.2 mL commercially obtained PDRN (Hidr, BMI Korea, Seoul, Korea; Figure 1(a)), group 3 (G3-MSC) with 0.2 mL (1 x 106 cells) UCB-MSCs (Figures 1(b)-1(d)), and group 4 (G4-MSC + PDRN) with 0.2 mL UCB-MSCs and 0.2 mL PDRN.
In G4-MSC + PDRN, a partial-thickness subscapularis tendon tear was observed in five rabbits (62.5%), full-thickness tendon tear in one rabbit (12.5%), and nearly complete healing in two rabbits (25%) (Figures 3 and 4).
In bone tissue regeneration, PDRN was reported to play an important role acting as osteoblast growth stimulator.
Our starting point was some literature evidences about the effects of PDRN on osteoblast proliferation and bone healing process [13, 30, 31]; in addition, there were some data about Sodium-DNA as skin repair active principle [32].
We used polydeoxyribonucleotide in a commercial preparation for human use, containing 5625 mg of PDRN in a 3mL ampoule sterilized at 121[degrees]C for 20 min.
In every session we performed subdermal infiltrations with PDRN, corresponding to the lesions of lichen sclerosus and some neighboring areas.