PDRPPyruvate Orthophosphate Dikinase Regulatory Protein (molecular biology)
PDRPProfessional Development Research Project (education; UK)
PDRPPower Demonstration Reactor Program
PDRPProfessional Development for Registrars Program
PDRPPerry Dean Rogers Partners (architecture firm; Boston, MA)
PDRPPediatric Dentistry Residency Program
PDRPProfessional Development and Recognition Program (various organizations)
PDRPPhysician Data Restriction Program (American Medical Association)
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All hospice nurses must have completed or be completing their PDRP by the time the MECA ends.
Launched in 2006, the PDRP allows physicians to restrict drug reps' access to prescriber-identifying data.
Successfully gaining recognition on a Council-approved PDRP program exempts a nurse from competency audit by the Council for the same three-year period.
This paper presents the perceptions of the stakeholders' views of PDRP in community care and highlights challenges and potential approaches in creating practitioner-led academic and research initiatives that improves performance, quality and value for money in health care.
This is interesting as PDRP participation is a voluntary exercise for nurses, not a legal requirement of the NZ Nursing Council.
PDRP registration can be done through the AMA's Web site.
The links to the PDRP programme were made by several of the nurses, as well as Council requirements.
Sin embargo, hasta el momento no se han presentado elementos suficientes para suponer que en la entidad se asienta la cupula del PDRP o el ME insurgente.
However, with the introduction of the AMA's Prescribing Data Restriction Program (PDRP) opt-out program in July 2006, pharma companies need to evaluate the impact of PDRP violation, mediate their PDRP compliance strategies, and revisit their existing Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) practices.
A project team from Nurse Executives New Zealand earlier this year completed a review of national PDRP documents to ensure they were clear, up-to-date and easy to use.
Including other parts of the PDRP like the enterprise component, the portfolio of subprojects is so far pegged at some P11.
Chris is a PDRP assessor and back-up theatre coordinator