PDRPPhysician Data Restriction Program (American Medical Association)
PDRPProfessional Development and Recognition Program (various organizations)
PDRPPerry Dean Rogers Partners (architecture firm; Boston, MA)
PDRPPyruvate Orthophosphate Dikinase Regulatory Protein (molecular biology)
PDRPPediatric Dentistry Residency Program
PDRPProfessional Development Research Project (education; UK)
PDRPPower Demonstration Reactor Program
PDRPProfessional Development for Registrars Program
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Along with the PDRP days, two other conditions apply only to union members: the night rate is $6 per shift for union members and $5/shift for non-members; and union members get two additional days' sick leave when they start their employment.
The Credentialing Panel consists of a representative from the Director of Nursing (DoN) group, Chair of the Charge Nurse Managers group, Nurse Manager for Education, Nurse Co-ordinator PDRP, Maori and Pacific Health Leader, Chair of the Clinical Nurse Specialist Group and a nurse expert in the discipline applied for.
To achieve recognition through a PDRP, extensive evidence is required of the nurse to support the application that their practice satisfies the requirements for Proficient/Expert RN or Proficient/Accomplished EN practice.
This paper presents the perceptions of the stakeholders' views of PDRP in community care and highlights challenges and potential approaches in creating practitioner-led academic and research initiatives that improves performance, quality and value for money in health care.
A national framework and the guidelines for the current programme, Professional Development and Recognition Programmes (PDRP), were established in 2004.
Under the PRDP, pharmaceutical companies may still acquire prescriber-identifiable data for doctors who elect to participate, but they are prohibited from sharing the information with their sales representatives, who will specifically be precluded from obtaining "restricted data" about prescribers who elect to participate in the PDRP.
Rockwell's PDRP is currently available to North American manufacturers, and will be available worldwide in 2001.
Including other parts of the PDRP like the enterprise component, the portfolio of subprojects is so far pegged at some P11.4 billion, including production, marketing, and logistics support for farmers and fishers.
RNs and ENs working on their PDRP portfolios will be entitled to a day's leave for those at proficient level and two days' leave for those at expert/accomplished level.
PDRP payments will increase each year, reaching $2250 for proficient and $3250 for expert for both RNs and ENs.
A project team from Nurse Executives New Zealand earlier this year completed a review of national PDRP documents to ensure they were clear, up-to-date and easy to use.