PDRSPermanent Disability Rating Schedule (California Workers Compensation)
PDRSPrivate Dispute Resolution Services (Chattanooga, TN)
PDRSPayload Deployment Retrieval System
PDRSPennine Debt Recovery Services Ltd (UK)
PDRSPlacer Dispute Resolution Service
PDRSPsychiatric Disability Rehabilitation Service (Australia)
PDRSPeople's Democratic Republic of Straka (est. 2011)
PDRSPeer Dispute Resolution Survey
PDRSPersonal Development Review Scheme (UK)
PDRSParkinson's Disease Research Society (Winfield, IL)
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PDRs refer to derivative instruments that are based on the value of equities as underlying assets but do not grant ownership to the holder.
Their lawyer Francis Lim said in the same statement that the case "has no leg to stand on because it presumes wrongly that Rappler is a dealer in securities that profited from a sale." Lim said that the capital raised from the issued PDRs is not yet booked as income by Rappler, "and therefore not taxable.
The BIR said the purchase of the shares and the subsequent issuance of the PDRs for profit that transmitted economic rights derived from the equity of Rappler Inc.
In 2015, Rappler issued 12.03 million PDRs to North Base Media Ltd.
(3) Elton and Gruber (1970) point out that as long as capital gains are taxed more favorably than dividends, PDRs will be less than one.
With an intention of being a luxury business hotel, most of the restaurants at this Trident have PDRs, but the most favoured one is the Volare at Botticino, the authentic Italian restaurant.
Along with personal data such as age, grade level and years in the 4-H program, the California record book includes a personal development report (PDR) with a quantitative page documenting participation in a variety of 4-H projects and activities, such as the number of meetings and events attended, projects completed, presentations given and awards received.
With PDRS, operators have full control of who is accessing their network, with what services, using what bandwidth, and at what price.
9, the DOJ foundprobable cause to indict RHC, its president Maria Ressa and accountant Noel Baladiang, for tax evasion over thesale of its PDRs to two foreign firms in 2015.
The BIR said RHC used the same common shares it purchased from Rappler as the underlying share of the PDRs for profit and transmitted economic rights to the PDR holders.
In a decision released by the regulator, the SEC pointed to the 7.22-million Philippine depository receipt (PDR) that Rappler issued to Omidyar Network Fund Llc., which, it said, carries a provision that cedes control of the media entity to the foreign fund.