PDSCPalouse Discovery Science Center (Pullman, WA)
PDSCProfessional Development Support Center
PDSCParti Democrate Social Chretien (Democratic Social Christian Party, Congo)
PDSCPort Dinorwic Sailing Club (UK)
PDSCProduct Development and Shariah Compliance (Islamic banking)
PDSCPanasonic Disc Services Corporation (Torrance, California)
PDSCPreserved Data Set Content
PDSCPoison Damage Small Charm (Diablo 2)
PDSCPolitics, Defence and Security Cooperation (South Africa)
PDSCProject Delivery Steering Committee (Louisiana)
PDSCPower Distribution Service Cabinet
PDSCPre-Departure Service Check
PDSCPacket Data Service Center (Sprint)
PDSCPressurized Differential Scanning Calorimeter
PDSCPost-Detection Switch Combining
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[20] ASTM D6186-08, Standard Test Method for Oxidation Induction Time of Lubricating Oils by Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry (PDSC), 05.03: 52-56, ASTM, West Conshohocken, PA, USA, 2012.
Linear dependence of ignition time from reciprocal temperature is observed experimentally during the oxidation of the oil in the PDSC (initial point is the moment when the tangent to a heat release curve on the DSC becomes inclined, Figures 4 and 5).
PDSC was once a dealer of Chevron and had operated a company-owned retailer-operated Caltex gasoline station at the Park 'n Fly complex, MIA corner Domestic roads, Pasay City.
(73.) PDSC Plan, supra note 63, at 21 (reporting an Oregon
1st - Harri Pain - CBYC, 2nd - Tobias Shapton - Mumbles, 3rd and 1st Girl - Chloe Butterworth - Pwllheli SC General Handicap: 1st Youth - Josh and Jake Davies (29er) - Pwllheli SC, 1st Girls - Daneille Rowe and Rachel Tilley (29er) - Llandegfedd SC, 1st - Rowan Edwards and Daniel Blight (29er) - PDSC, 2nd Frankie Dickens (Laser Radial) - Mumbles, 3rd Aled Goddard (Laser Radial) - Bala SC Optimist Regatta Fleet: 1st and 1st Girl - Madeline Leary - Mumbles, 2nd - Rhianwen Williams - CBYC, 3rd -Ethan Kneale - CBYC Topper Regatta Fleet: 1st - Ed Pickett - Fishguard, 2nd - Max Falmer - Llangorse, 3rd - Theo Falmer - Llangorse, 1st Girl - Izzie Millar - Llandegfedd General Handicap Regatta fleet: 1st - Grace Barton (Tera) - Clywedog SC
PDSC testing (500 psi 02 at 180[degrees]C/356[degrees]F) proved the product's stability capabilities--73 minutes-compared to Group II products which ranged from four to 25 minutes.
PDSC testing (500 psi 02 at 180[degrees]C/356[degrees]F) proved the product's excellent stability capabilities--73 minutes--compared to Group II products which ranged from 4 to 25 minutes.
PDSC testing (500 psi O2 at 180[degrees]C/356[degrees]F) highlighted the product's stability capabilities-73 minutes-compared to Group II products which ranged from 4 to 25 minutes.
Along with their full line of thermal analyzers for DSC, differential thermal analysis (DTA), pressure differential scanning calorimeter (PDSC), TGA and simultaneous thermal analysis (STA), Instrument Specialists exhibited their Windows-based Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis software.
Photo-differential scanning calorimetry (PDSC) makes it possible to investigate the polymerization behaviors, and especially the kinetics of photopolymerization reactions, due to their highly exothermic reaction characateristic upon exposure to UV light.