PDSCHPhysical Downlink Shared Channel
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1) Real LTE Networks were considered at the design stage, in which PDSCH EPRE is identical in each subchannel, and the proposed optimal objective problem can be resolved by optimal allocation of BS power level.
[TB.sub.CR] is the turbo coding rate, which is defined as 1/3 in PDSCH. Therefore, the number of data created in the data source step, [N.sup.DS.sub.data,1x1], can be calculated as
Therefore, there are 36 null subcarriers following the resource element mapping step in PDSCH of the LTE SISO system and it can be used for inserting dummy sequences.
Secondly, the number of null subcarriers per frame is obtained in the PDSCH of the LTE 2 x 2 MIMO system.
Thirdly, [N.sup.FRM.sub.spaces,4x4], is derived in the PDSCH of the LTE 4 x 4 MIMO system.
KEYWORDS: LTE, Admission Control, Downlink Scheduling, OFDM, MAC, RLC, PDCP, PDSCH, PDCCH, FDD, OPNET Modeler.
All the sublayers use one of the six downlink channels (PBCH, PFCICH, PDCCH, PHICH, PDSCH and PMCH) to communicate with each other and with radio interface.
After the admission control the next step was to devise a scheduling algorithm that can take care of the Non-GBR radio bearers in terms of handing over to the channel some additional bandwidth by taking extra space from the Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH) which would have been wasted otherwise and hand it over to the Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH).