PDSIPalmer Drought Severity Index
PDSIPinnacle Data Systems Inc (Columbus, Ohio)
PDSIPetascale Data Storage Institute (Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
PDSIPrincipal Decision Systems International (Irvine, CA)
PDSIProject Development Services, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
PDSIPersonnel Development Skill Identifier (US Army)
PDSIProject Development Skill Identifier
PDSIPrimeworld Digital Systems Inc. (Smart Communications Inc.; Philippines)
PDSIPhysical Disabilities & Sensory Impairment
PDSIPalladium Silicide
PDSIPortland Downtown Services, Inc. (Oregon)
PDSIPhelps Dodge Sierrita, Inc. (Green Valley, AZ)
PDSIProfessional Development Skill Identifier
PDSIPersonal Density Scanning Imager (diagnostic radiology)
PDSIProfessional Development for School Improvement (teacher training)
PDSIProject Design Services, Inc. (various locations)
PDSIParkinson's Disease Symptom Inventory (quality of life study)
PDSIProved Developed Shut In (hydrocarbon reserves)
PDSIProfessional Defense Solutions International (The Woodlands, TX)
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In addition, various technologies and the success of PDSI were also introduced in a number of geothermal drilling.
The PDSI provides researchers with average soil moisture over long periods of time, making it especially useful for research on climate change in the past.
"We are very grateful for the support of all parties, including all partners, PDSI, the Government, security forces, and all other relevant parties," he explained.
NOAA/NWS Climate Division data for the California North Coast Drainage Division for the (a) May-Sep temperature anomaly ([degrees]F) from the 1960-90 normal, (b) May-Sep precipitation (in.), and (d) May-Sep PDSI for 1948-2017.
lumholtzii, que en este caso fue el PC1 e incluyo a las siete cronologias individuales; asi como datos de precipitacion reconstruidos con el mismo componente, que al comparar los valores con los diversos indices de El Nino (SOI reconstruido, SOI, MEI, TRI) y con los indices de AMO, PDO y de PDSI, mostraron una influencia significativa, particularmente los relacionados con El Nino (Tabla 5).
Tseng, "A PDSI with STBC scheme for PAPR reduction in OFDM system," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet '11), pp.
Besides, the Parkinson's disease summary index (PDSI) provides an index of the global impact of PD on health status of the patients.
Por su parte, Salgueiro y colaboradores (2012) aplicando el cuestionario SCL-90-R a personas con FM determinan la existencia de dos tipos de pacientes, uno sin psicopatologia, con puntuaciones similares a la poblacion no clinica, y un segundo con puntuaciones altas en todas las escalas estudiadas: somatizacion, obsesioncompulsion, sensibilidad interpersonal, depresion, ansiedad, hostilidad, ansiedad fobica, ideacion paranoide, psicoticismo, escala adicional, indice de severidad global (GSI), indice total de sintomas positivos (PST) e indice de sintomas positivos de distres (pDsI), siendo predominante este ultimo tipo de pacientes.
Pertamina provides drilling services through the activities of the subsidiary, PT Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia (PDSI), which is currently the largest drilling service company in Indonesia.
Spatial Variation and Trends in PDSI and SPI Indices and Their Relation to Streamflow in 10 Large Regions of China.
Se identificaron los cambios en los patrones de variacion de la sequia y periodos de mucha lluvia, utilizando el indice de severidad de sequia de Palmer (PDSI, por sus siglas en ingles) entre los anos 771 y 2008.
Meteorological conditions used in analyses were north-south and east-west wind momentum, precipitation, and air temperature, and hydrological conditions comprised sea-surface temperature (SST), Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI), river flow, and Mississippi River nitrogen to phosphorus (N:P) ratio.