PDSLPromised Date Service Level (various organizations)
PDSLPower line Digital Subscriber Line
PDSLPriced Dynamic Shoulder Lane (Minnesota interstate)
PDSLPower Demand Signal Left
PDSLPesticide Data Submitters List (US EPA)
PDSLPersonal Digital Subscriber Line
PDSLPressure Differential Switch Load
PDSLPro-Development Singles League (darts)
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DRUG- MAKER Piramal Healthcare has struck a deal with Super Religare Laboratories Ltd ( SRL), promoted by billionaire brothers Shivinder and Malvinder Singh, to sell its diagnostics arm Piramal Diagnostic Services Ltd ( PDSL) for Rs 600 crore.
Post hoc analyses (Fishers PDSL) indicated that there was no significant difference, at the .05 level, in the number of errors produced by the 6- to 8-year-old children on the simple trial-types across Studies 1 and 2.
PDSL: $0-$200 installation charge, $199- $349/month [*]; ISDN: $75-$300 installation charge [*], $69-$350/month [*]; T1: Frame relay: $695 installation charge, $295-$1000/month [*]; Point-to- point: $995 installation charge, $750- $1,495/month [*]; call for DS-3 pricing.
Power line carrier systems are also referred to as power line digital subscriber lines (PDSL), power line networking or power line telecommunications and are defined by OSHA (Occupational and Safety Hazards Administration) as "communication equipment that operates at radio-frequencies, generally below 600 kilohertz, to transmit information over electric power transmission lines." Power Line Carrier System Market: Dynamics Increasing demand for power in every business vertical will create optimistic growth opportunities for the power line carrier system market over the forecast period.