PDSNPacket Data Serving Node (Nortel Networks)
PDSNPaediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse
PDSNProfessional Development School Network (College of New Jersey; Ewing, NJ)
PDSNPolicies for Distributed Systems and Networks
PDSNPacket Data Switched Network (telecommunications)
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For a new interworking architecture to manage mobility, WiMAX accesses the ALL-IP core network through a Connectivity Services Network (CSN) gateway, UMTS through GGSN, CDMA2000 through PDSN, WLAN through GGSN emulator, LTE through S-GW (MAG) and P-GW (LMA) respectively.
The RAN must map the mobile client identifier reference to a unique link-layer identifier used to communicate with the PDSN, validate the mobile station for access service, and maintain the established transmission links.
It also connects to each MTX using channelized T1 lines for voice- and circuit-switched data and to unchannelized T1 lines for signalling and control messages to the PDSN using the 10Base-T Ethernet protocol.
The PCF routes IP packet data between the MS within the cell sites and the PDSN.
The PCF maintains a reachable state between the RAN and the MS, ensuring a consistent link for packets; buffers packets arriving from the PDSN when radio resources are not in place or insufficient to support the flow from the PDSN; and relays packets between the MS and the PDSN.
In a simple IP network, the PDSN acts as a stand-alone NAS; in a mobile IP network, it can be configured as an HA or an FA.
It also maintains user registration, redirects packets to the PDSN, and optionally tunnels securely to the PDSN.
MeasurementControl L2 message in 3GPP network and NeighborList L2 message in 3GPP2 network contain the L3 information about GGSN and PDSN, respectively, and RtSolPr/PrRtAdv messages are omitted.
Under additional terms of the agreement, Samsung has the right to resell 3Com PDSN, Home Agent and AAA servers to IMT-2000 wireless operators.
A key value behind our Security Gateway is its ability to be integrated with other network functions, such as PDSN, GGSN, SGSN, while providing a smooth network migration path to 4G networks such as LTE," said Ashraf Dahod, CEO of Starent Networks.
a leading industry developer of carrier-class multi-access convergence gateways, today announced it is co-sponsoring a webinar entitled, "Collapsing SBC, GGSN, SGSN, and PDSN into the Multi-Access Convergence Gateway.
The key differences between SBCs, GGSNs, SGSNs, PDSNs and multi-access convergence gateways