PDSPPeripheral Data Storage Processor
PDSPProgrammable Data Stream Processor
PDSPPensioners' Dental Services Plan (Canada)
PDSPPeacebuilding, Development and Security Program (Centre for Military and Strategic Studies; University of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
PDSPPersonal Development for Smart People (Steve Pavlina book)
PDSPPhased Development Site Plan
PDSPPost Deployment Support Plan
PDSPProject Defined Software Process
PDSPPersonnel Data System Planning
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El eje principal del PDSP, la PAIS y el MIAS es la consolidacion del modelo de aseguramiento a traves de la introduccion de la Atencion Primaria en Salud (APS) como puerta de entrada a los otros niveles de atencion ya bajo el control de las companias aseguradoras o EPS.
At this layer, PDSP sub-routines supported managers and engineers mostly with low-order or ordinary capabilities for the development of software projects and products.
Factors (X) were represented by Alpha's PDSP state variables and included project cost (C) and project requirements completeness (R): X = (C, R).
Sampling To: This stage involved the collection of qualitative and quantitative data about the state variables X = (C, R) of Alpha's PDSP.
These results indicated that Alpha's Software Capabilities, especially represented by OSSP and PDSP routines and subroutines, contributed to improve CS, PE and ASP during the study period.
The contract is the preparation of project documentation (Step DEUR / DSP, PDSP, SP), according to the investment plan processed by Dosting, spol.
Mian Zahid Hussain also felicitated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his governments decision to raise PDSP by 20 percent or Rs 158 billion and allocation of Rs 163 billion for two LNG based power plants.
Whereas the government has proposed in PDSP 2010-11 an allocation of Rs 169.
He said that his ministry also enjoyed share in PDSP, and said that there was no shortage of resources while all ministries have sufficient amount of funds.