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PDSSProfessional Development and Support Services (various locations)
PDSSPosition Determination Start Session
PDSSPanic Disorder Severity Scale
PDSSPost-Deployment Software Support
PDSSPre-Deployment Site Survey
PDSSPediatric Daytime Sleepiness Scale
PDSSParkinson's Disease Sleep Scale
PDSSPayload Data Services System
PDSSPost-Development Software Support
PDSSPhosphorus Decision Support System
PDSSPhysical Disability and Sensory Services (UK)
PDSSPost-Injection Delirium/Sedation Syndrome
PDSSProcurement Decision Support System (Telcordia)
PDSSPhysical Disability Support Service (UK)
PDSSPainted Desert Sheep Society (Needville, TX)
PDSSProduct Definition Support System
PDSSPersonal Development and Safety Solutions Ltd. (UK)
PDSSPost Deployment Sustainment and Support
PDSSPost-partum Depression Screening Scale
PDSSPost Deployment System Support
PDSSPricing Decision Support Systems
PDSSPost-Dramatic Stress Syndrome (drama/theater productions/actors)
PDSSPlanning and Development Support Services (Sprint)
PDSSPassive Detection System Simulator (software Lab for E-2C PDS)
PDSSProduct Development Systems and Solutions, Inc. (Rochester, NY, USA)
PDSSPerson with Designated Special Status (various nations)
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We used the changes in 9 subscales of SCL-90-R as dependent variables, and the changes in the total scores of ACQ and BSQ as independent variables controlling the changes in the PDSS total score.
Partial correlations were calculated first between PDSS and neuroticism (factor and facets), controlling for sex and age; sex, age and neuroticism; and sex, age, and anxiety.
Abbreviations: NMS = nonmotor symptom, PD = Parkinson disease, PDSS = Parkinson Disease Sleep Scale, SD = secure digital.
An evaluation of PDSS from 2009-2011, guided by the 9 attributes of public health surveillance (30), identified strength in the utility, flexibility, and stability of the system; however, timeliness, sensitivity, and acceptability represented attributes to be improved (CDC-DB, unpublished data).
This allowed the 502d to prepare for the PDSS and empowered the rear detachment to assume the day-to-day mission, thereby enabling the forward element to participate in the LTP free of daily responsibilities and distractions.
001 V of UPDRS) (median[IQR]) HAMD, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale HAMA, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale SDS, Zung Self-rating Depression Scale SAS, Zung Self-rating Anxiety Scale PDSS, Parkinson's Disease Sleep Scale UPDRS, United Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale Table 3.
Men reported significantly worse quality of sleep and nocturnal restlessness on the PDSS.
PDSS is like hundreds of pop-up balls flying into the bleachers during batting practice.
Authors of the PDSS believe it to be superior to the EPDS in that it focuses on the context of a woman's experience as a new mother by addressing themes of loss of control, loneliness, unrealness, irritability, fear of going crazy, obsessive thinking, concentration difficulty, and loss of self while the EPDS does not (Beck & Gable, 2000).
Needless to say, there was a great deal to see during our PDSS.
Les rapports couts-efficacite sont calcules pour chaque modalite de traitement a partir du ratio du cout moyen du traitement par le changement moyen au score composite du PDSS.