PDTIParticle Drilling Technologies, Inc. (Houston, TX)
PDTIPet Dog Training Instructors (est. 2005)
PDTIPowell Duffryn Terminals, Inc. (various locations)
PDTIPulsed Doppler Tissue Imaging
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Previously, we were in talks with representatives from a major Brazilian dental company over licensing opportunities for the EAS System, PDTI's patented abutment components for dental implants.
Na busca por documentos, foram identificadas 17 Politicas de Seguranca da Informacao, 15 PDTIs, dois Sistemas de Gestao de Seguranca da Informacao (SGSI), oito normas e regulamentos, 152 acordos e convenios com outras organizacoes, mas nenhum Plano de Continuidade do Negocio.
Methods: A total of 147 PDTI patients with American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) I-III were subjected to Airtraq and Macintosh laryngoscopy performed by experienced anesthesiologists under consciousness and topical anesthesia.
The Information Technology Resource Administration System (SISP) has created up a guide (Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, 2010) containing a model aiming at rendering information to aid in the drafting of the Information Technology Master Plan (PDTI) with the Federal Public Administration.
2, inciso XXII o PDTI e um instrumento de diagnostico, planejamento e gestao dos recursos e processos de TI de um orgao para um determinado periodo.
PDTI President, Erik Siegmund stated, 'In keeping with our core practice of surrounding ourselves with world class experts such as those found on our dental advisory board, Mr.
Contract awarded for Acquisition And Supplies Veterinary Medicine, Pdti
Contract awarded for Acquisition Of Hardware Materials For Pdti
Contract awarded for Acquisition Fertilizers, Herbicides For Pdti
Contract awarded for Inputs Module Veterinary Pdti Cullinco Llihuin
Contract awarded for Plants Fruit Dideco Pdti Ex Consultant Sp8975
Contract awarded for Pdti Construction Supplies Train Train Sp7961 Iii