PDTLPrimary Digestive Tract Lymphoma
PDTLPrioritized Daily Task List (Microsoft Outlook)
PDTLPremier Data Technologies Limited (UK)
PDTLProblem Drinker Trait List
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In addition, the PDTL must secure the resources needed to implement the plan, communicate progress to management, and drive the team to flawlessly execute the tasks outlined in the plan.
A new strategy is to pair the PDTL with a professional tactical planner uniquely trained in applying project management skills in an R&D environment.
But if the planner is an outside consultant, she has the autonomy to offer unbiased advice to the PDTL. For example, ProjDel Corp., a Cincinnati-based project management firm, provides R&D project support in tactical planning, scheduling and communicating.
They also realized a need to better focus the skills of the R&D teams and provide support for the day-to-day project management details such as updating, scheduling and coordinating that the PDTL must do.