PDVBPoly Divinyl Benzene
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10a, the type IV adsorption hysteresis loop of the PDVB foam shell was obtained by the nitrogen adsorption/desorption isotherm, indicating a mesoporous character.
In this work, we presented an interesting microfluidic approach to fabricate tailored millimeter-sized PDVB foam shells with the comparable double emulsion templates.
Schematic illustration of the process of the PDVB foam shells formation, including the following manner: (a) droplet formation in the generator (perspective view), (b) photo-polymerization in photoreactor, (c) solvent exchange (profile map), and (d) C[O.sub.2] supercritical drying (profile map).
Images of the double emulsions with 4.16 mm in outer diameter and 154 [micro]m in thickness, respectively (a) ([Q.sub.W1] = 5.01 [micro]L/s, [Q.sub.O] = 1.36 [micro]L/s, [Q.sub.W2] = 45.02 [micro]L/s), wet gels (b), foam shells (c), and the cross-section SEM image of PDVB shell (d).