PDVSPacket Data Voice Services
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Ei metodo PDVS es discutido teniendo en cuenta su utilidad para la investigacion en psicoterapia, asi como para el estudio de la conversacion diadica dentro de otros escenarios.
Effectively, this approach provides within-child estimates of the effectiveness of PDV by comparing short-term outcomes for the same child in years when they had (more) PDVs compared to years when they had fewer (or none) (Sen et al.
We found that the residues were conserved in all of the PDVs tested, including the 1988 strains that had been isolated in Vero cells.
The payload delivery vehicle (PDV), after separating from the launch vehicle, could maneuver to its target.
According to DOD, the CPGS program funds the design, development and acquisition of guidance systems, boosters, mission planning capabilities, mission enabling capabilities, reentry systems, and payload delivery vehicles (PDVs).
(PDV), after separating from the launch vehicle, could maneuver to its
(52) The duration of a payment measures how long a dollar of present discount value (PDV) is outstanding.
To estimate the present discounted value (PDV) of the annual earnings losses summarized in figure 4, we proceed as follows.