PDX-1Pancreatic and Duodenal HomeoboX Gene 1
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In the LPS + PDX-1 ng group, the infiltration of neutrophils in the alveolar space and mesenchyme was obviously decreased, and interstitial thickening was not observed [Figure 1]c.
In mice treated with PDX (1 ng/mouse), we found that the number of monocytes/macrophages in the LPS + PDX-1 ng group was higher than that in the LPS group.
FoxO1 negatively regulates [beta] cell proliferation and differentiation through two mechanisms by the modulation of Pdx-1 gene transcription and nuclear translocation.
The inactivation of Pdx-1 and Nkx6.1, two transcription factors required for [beta] cell differentiation, was observed upon [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] treatment.
In addition, the Akt-mediated effect of FLZ was further confirmed by the data showing that the effect of FLZ on PDX-1 was completely abolished by MK-2206 (Suppl.
Indeed, heterozygous mutation of PDX-1 causes glucose intolerance, associated with increased islet apoptosis and impaired GSIS, which collectively results in maturity onset diabetes [16, 17].
Here we showed that Silymarin induced an increase of both Pdx-1 and insulin gene expression as well as [beta]-cell proliferation in partially pancreatectomized rats (compared to pancreatectomized untreated animals).
Reduced PDX-1 expression impairs islet response to insulin resistance and worsens glucose homeostasis.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA; against: PDX-1 from Millipore, Billerica, MA, USA; against MafA from Bethyl Lab.).
GLP-1 Restores MafA and PDX-1 Levels in Pancreatic Beta-Cells Exposed to GS.
In pancreatic beta-cells, MafA has been shown to play an important role in glucose regulation of insulin gene expression and in mediating the expression of a number of other genes, including PDX-1 [149-151].
Sarah says that improving the scientific understanding of this dual ability, which probably arises from the role Pdx-1 plays in the embryo, where pancreas and liver tissue develop from the same family of cells, may be important in predicting how the cells might act if they are implanted into people.