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PDZPerfect Dark Zero (video game)
PDZPermanent Danger Zone (Mayon volcano; Philippines)
PDZPrimary Decidual Zone
PDZPsd-95 (Post Synaptic Density Protein), DlgA (Drosophila Disc Large Tumor Suppressor) and ZO1 (Zonula Occludens-1 Protein)
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"The implementation of CAPDev and PDZ will ensure participation of all sectors to address peace and development concerns and this is for the future of our youth and the generations to come.
PDZ domains: structural modules for protein complex assembly.
Madeline Cowley, project manager for the PDZ, said: "This is an important milestone for the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone and marine energy in Wales.
It suggests that opening up the PDZ to floating wind farms would increase the commercial potential of the zone and support the development of wave energy.
Ramos ordered the relocation of Mayon residents inside the 6-km PDZ in several designated resettlement sites.
As a PDZ domain-containing scaffold protein, PDZD7 plays important roles in organizing protein complex.
MD/KR/2016 contained the mutation associated with increased virulence in mammals and mammalian transmissibility (S123P and T156A mutations in the HA gene; P42S and D92E mutation, and elongated C-terminus with PDZ binding motif in NS gene).
PDZK1 (PDZ domain containing 1) is a scaffold protein containing four PDZ protein interaction domains which interacts with a number of membrane transporter proteins, including ion channels and drug transport proteins, affecting their subcellular signaling transduction, membrane localization, and transport activities [10].
It has been reported that the last 5 AA of Myoz3 serve as a motif for binding members of the PDZ domain protein family.
(ASE: PDZ) has acquired the Poland-based Debiensko Hard Coking Coal Project, the company said.
"Alert level 1, indicating abnormal activity remains in effect over Bulusan volcano - The local government units and the public are reminded that entry to the four-kilometre radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited due to the possibility of sudden and hazardous steam-driven or phreatic eruptions," the agency cautioned.