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PEA3Polyomavirus Enhancer Activator 3
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TGF-[beta] also directly activates other transcription factors implicated in the regulation of MMPs expression; it induces cell signaling that culminates in the transactivation of AP1, PEA3, NF[kappa]B, SP1, and MEF-2 transcription factors to enhance MMP promoters transactivity [45, 49-52].
On the other hand, E1A-F, ELP, Sp1, C\EBPbeta, BAF1, GCF, HNF-3, and PEA3 motifs are found in some local isolates but were absent in reference sequences.
(1990) found a SNP in the bGH promoter region, '253' SNP near the binding site of polyoma virus enhancer A binding protein 3 (PEA3) transcription factor.
Through loss- and gain-of-function approaches, they showed that Fgf signaling emanating from the distal region of the epidermis promotes shh expression in the proximal epidermis but that Fgf/Ras signaling prevents shh expression in the distal epidermis through the induction of pea3 expression and maintenance of wnt5b, an inhibitor of blastemal proliferation.