PEAAPatterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (software engineering book)
PEAAPrestigious Engineering Achievement Awards (Institution of Engineers Singapore)
PEAAPort Ewen Athletic Association (Port Ewen, NY)
PEAAPittsburgh Employees Activities Association (Pennsylvania, USA)
PEAAPublic Education against America (Marlin Maddoux book)
PEAAPolyethylacrylic Acid (polymer)
PEAAPlasma Essential Amino Acid (nutrition)
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The dispersion of Oclay in PA6/PEAA is better than in PA6/HDPE, it is not only because of the increment of polarity of PE, but also because of the reaction between PEAA, PA6, and Oclay, which was ion-exchanged with octadyl trimethyl ammonium (Fig.
These results indicated that there was chemical reaction between PEAA, PA6 and Oclay, and it improved the dispersion of Oclay in matrix and affected the morphology of blends.
PA6, a polar polymer, has amide groups in its main chain, which could form hydrogen bond with the amino groups in Oclay, and PEAA also could form hydrogen bond with the amino groups in Oclay as show in Fig.
Rubber-like materials such as SEBS (8) should be more effective as impact modifiers; however, ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer (EPDM) (8), PEAA (15) and EVA (45) showed similar results to those of the PEMALi of this work.