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PEAHProyecto Especial Alto Huallaga (Spanish: Upper Huallaga Special Project; Peru)
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Peah 8;7 in which Rabbi Yehu-dah HaNasi chides his students for maliciously giving a poor student enough tzedakah to lift him just over the poverty line, and therefore to make him ineligible for addition support.
6) Ac swa peah he ne dorste beon beforan him upp araered of paere eordan.
Ic gefraegn for haelepum hring gyddian, (41) torhtne butan tungan, tila peah he hlude stefne ne cirmde strongum wordum.
Recounting how one of King Hrethel's sons kills his own brother by mistake, Beowulf remarks: "That was a fatal fight, without hope of recompense, a deed wrongly done, baffling to the heart; yet it had happened that a prince had to lose life unavenged" 'paet waes feohleas gefeoht, fyrenum gesyngad, hreore hygemeoe; sceolde hwaeore swa peah aeoeling unwrecen ealdres linnan' (58; 92.
Peah 2: 6, a previously unprecedented case was decided by appeal to a 'halakhah [given] to Moses from Sinai' which was unknown to most of the scribes assembled in the temple's Chamber of Hewn Stone.
See also Yerushalmi, Peah 1:1 and Ukzin 3:12 on this verse and tlie value of peace.
Swylce paer Unferp pyle aet fotum saet frean Scyldinga; gehwylc hiora his ferhpe treowde, paet he haefde mod micel, peah pe he his magum naere arfaest aet ecga gelacum.
Hwilum ic monigra mod arete, hwilum ic frefre pa ic aer winne on feorran swipe; hi paes felad peah, swylce paes opres, ponne ic eft hyra ofer deop gedreag drohtad bete.
peah pe grief wille golde stregan bropor his geborenum, byrgan be deadum, mapmum mislicum paet hine mid wille, Ne maeg paere sawle pe bip synna ful gold to geoce for godes egsan Even though a brother may wish to fill his brother's grave with gold and treasure in abundance, the soul, which is full of sin, cannot enjoy gold, when it faces the fear of Lord (The Seafarer, 11.
I prefer Williamson's text of the riddle, which requires some emendation: "Ic gefraegn for haelepum hring gyddian, / torhtne butan tungan, tila peah he hlude / stefne ne cirmde strongum wordum.
Hwaet hylpe[eth] pam men aht, peah he ealne middangeard on his anes aeht eal gestryne, gif eft paet dioful genime[eth] pa sawle.
Peah nu aelda bearn londbuendra lasts mine swipe secao, ic swape hwilum mine bemipe monna gehwylcum.