PEALDPlasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
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cluster-capable combination of an icpecvd (inductively-coupled-plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor-deposition) and a peald (plasma-enhanced-atomic-layer-deposition) with the additional possibility of thermal process control for the deposition of sio 2 and sin x layers in cvd process and deposition of al2o3, Alnx, Tio2 and tinx layers in the ald process see specifications.
Glukhov, "Biosensor properties of SOI nanowire transistors with PEALD Al2O3 dielectric protective layer," Semiconductors, vol.
(NASDAQ: ASMI) (Euronext Amsterdam: ASM) on Wednesday revealed that it has received multiple system orders for its plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) reactor from a memory customer in Asia and also an order for the 2X nm node with another unnamed memory manufacturer.
What is needed is a flexible plasma deposition (peald) atomic layer deposition system for the atomic precision deposition of thin films of metals, metal oxides and nitrides as well as optional sulfides of defined stoichiometry for tunnel barrier applications or electrodes in memristive and cryoelectronic devices, as ferroelectrics and as 2d materials as well as for the scientific investigation of the deposition mechanisms and the process development.
Multi-reactor system for ALD / PEALD / PECVD deposition of dielectric materials (SiO2, SiN, Low K, ...) for the treatment of 300 mm diameter plates.
CEA-LETI research deposits a multi-reactor system ALD / PEALD / PECVD dielectric materials (SiO 2, SiN, Low K, ...), metal oxides (Al2O3, TiO2, ...) of metal oxide alloys (AlSiOx, ...) and metal nitride (AlN, ....).
King"s College London has secured funds to purchase a Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD) System.